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General information

The Non-radioactive Materials Research is an extensive JAVA application with a user-friendly search interface for dangerous goods. This application is offered as an internet application and as a standalone application. The data in both applications are equally up to date. In contrast to the standalone application the internet application does not require the installation of the software. An internet browser and a JAVA runtime environment with webstart (see technical requirements) is sufficient.

You can obtain an overview of the application by looking at the demo (see below) - the entire functionality is available but only for a limited number of substances (44 substances from different dangerous goods classes).

The following topics from the dangerous goods regulations are covered in the Dangerous Goods Database:

- Name
- Classification
- Physicochemical materials data
- Material compatibility
- Transport exclusions
- Labelling
- Limited and excepted quantities
- Suitability of containments
- Bulk
- Mixed packing
- Mixed loading, stowage, segregation and handling
- Exceptions and agreements

The short form feature is worth a mention, which summarizes dangerous goods information about a substance and a mode of transport on an A4 page, particularly suited for printing. It also lets you print out physicochemical material data, or save it as a PDF file.



Fees are due immediately after the contract has been executed and then charged annually on 15 March.

Single licence fee300 € *)
German state authorities and municipalities130 € *)
German federal authorities100 €

 PercentagePrivate usersGerman state authoritiesGerman federal authorities
1 - 5 licences(100%)300 €130 €100 €
6 - 10 licences(80%)240 €105 €80 €
11- 20 licences(50%)150 €65 €50 €
21 - 50 licence(30%)90 €40 €30 €
51 -100 licences(20%)60 €25 €20 €
Upwards of 101 licences(10%)30 €15 €10 €

Volume licensing is also available

*) plus 19 % value added tax

Order information


If you are interested in this or other Dangerous Goods Database products, you may contact us via our request form without any obligation to purchase.

Request form

We will contact you immediately upon receipt to discuss further details and submit you an offer.

Licence agreement

Upon ordering this product, we will send you a licence agreement. Executing this licence agreement is the basis for the use of the Dangerous Goods Database. You will receive the licence agreement in duplicate. Both copies need to be returned to us with your signature. Subsequently, you will receive signed copies from us, together with the respective number of passwords.

Technical requirements

Non-radioactive materials research of the Dangerous Goods Database

Standalone application
Operating system Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Hard drive spaceat least 800 MB
Resolution1024 x 768 pixels (higher resolution recommended
Internet application

current Java runtime enviroment (JRE) starting from version 8 (may be subject to fees) with webstart

a licence free alternative is OpenWebStart

Resolution1024 x 768 pixels (higher resolution recommended)
ConnectionInternet connection

Demo application

The demo application includes full functionality of the non-radioactive materials research, however for only 44 selected substances. In the search of the transport document module you can find all substances of the Dangerous Goods Database, but the transport document can be generate only with the 44 for the demo application selected substances. We recommend downloading and printing the demo application instructions before use.

Download the demo application (standalone application, only in German)
Start the demo application (internet application, only in German)