Waste legislation and regulation

Landfill engineering

Guidelines for the certification of geosynthetics, polymers and leak-detection-systems in accordance with the German Landfill Ordinance

Guidelines for the certification of geomembranes used to line landfills (8th Edition, May 2017)
Guidelines for the certification of protection layers for geomembranes in landfill sealing systems
Guidelines for the certification of geotextiles for filtration and separation in landfill sealing systems
Provisional guidelines for the certification of polymeric geogrids for landfill capping systems (3rd Edition, April 2016)

Tables of certified geosynthetics, polymers and leak-detection-system

Tabellen der BAM-zugelassenen Geokunststoffe, Polymere und serienmäßig hergestellten Dichtungskontrollsysteme für Deponieabdichtungssysteme sowie die Listen der Produzenten

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