BAM-GGR 001 Recognition of monitoring bodies; Recognition of Quality Assurance Programmes (QAP)

BAM-GGR 001 Attachments and model templates

Model template MA.1 audit report Rev. 1_2015-09-30

Model template QAP review Rev. 1_2015-09-30

Model template MA.2 surveillance visit report Rev-2.0_2017-12-22

Model template MA.3 design type specific surveillance protocols:

Plastics packagings Rev-2.2 2018-10-11.
Metal IBCs Rev-2.1 2018-10-11
Flexible IBCs Rev-2.0 2018-10-11
Rigid plastics IBCs and composite plastics IBCs Rev-2.1 2018-10-11
Metal packagings Rev-2.2 2018-10-11
Wooden boxes Rev-2.0 2018-10-11
Fibreboard boxes Rev-2.1 2018-10-11
Fibreboard drums Rev-2.0 2018-10-11
Bags Rev-2.1 2018-10-11
Remanufactured composite IBCs Rev-2.1 2018-10-11

Model template MA.4 non-conformity report draft_2014-09-22

Model template MA.5 application for the recognition of the QAP 2017-01-20

Notes for filling out the application for the recognition of the QAP 2017-01-20

Model template MA.6 model monitoring contract Rev-1.1_2017-05-29