Network, exchange, round table, platform: many names for one aim.

Contact with our clients is important for the BAM! You must understand and implement all the complex requirements of dangerous goods rules.

The BAM hosts several annual meetings for exchanging experience in the field of the safety of dangerous goods, material safety, preventive measures against incidents, hazard defence planning as well as industrial and work safety.

We inform you about:

  • what's changing in the sets of rules
  • what this means for industry.

You inform us about:

  • what the difficulties are in putting the rules into practice
  • where new technical developments are going.

Some networks have existed for years; others are new. This explains their diverse names.

Some networks are "open", which means free access to their documents and visitors being welcomed. (The conference language is always German).

Other "closed" networks have their own members' area for their documents.

Overview of our networks (only in German)



The permanent committee for the transport of dangerous goods of the dangerous goods traffic advisory board at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) advises the BMVBS in all matters relating to safety during the transport of dangerous goods. More Information about the AGGB.

World Materials Research Institute Forum (WMRIF)

The World Materials Research Institute Forum was held to bring together several executives from the world's leading materials research institutes to exchange information on current national policies and research management strategies and to discuss future directions of materials research and possible international cooperation. Visit for more information.

Certification Body of the BAM - BZS

The "Zertifizierungsstelle der BAM" (Certification Body of the BAM - BZS) certifies products of importance in the sphere of statutory regulations for structural design suitability testing, especially in connection with EU guidelines and national statutory regulations. The BAM also carries out certification outside statutory regulation in its special fields of expertise.