We differentiate between containers for interim and final storage of radioactive materials. The first group comprises containers for unused fuel elements and for wastes with low, medium or high activity.

Our specialist competence is the safety evaluation of container designs under the Atomic Energy Act. The division undertakes scientific investigations in all areas of container safety to develop test methods and test standards. We advise the public, Federal and State Ministries, authorities and the industry. Also, the division is represented in national and international committees. Find out more.

Containers for radioactive materials have to be tested in a variety of ways. See details here about the different kinds of approvals.

Here we show you different tests with all kinds of containers.

As determinated in the Atomic Energy Act, containers for radioactive materials have to undergo a safety-related survey. Find out more details about the bases and main points of the procedure.

Our safety related scientific research is concentrated on the development of assessment methods for the containment performance. For research and testing unique facilities for drop, fire and leakage testing as well as hard- and software for finite element calculations are provided. Get more details.

BAM publishes the research results regularly and presents them on international conferences. Here you find links to conference-pages and a selection of our documents.