The following is a brief overview of our products:

Dangerous Goods Quickinfo

Dangerous Goods Quickinfo is a free internet application which contains a small portion of the information available in the Dangerous Goods Database. A search template enables searches according to various criteria. The results are lists which contain the most important information about each dangerous goods item for classification according to ADR, RID, IMDG code, ICAO TI and ADN regulations, as well as UN recommendations.

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Non-radioactive Materials Research (incl. Transport Documents Module)

Non-radioactive Materials Research in the Dangerous Goods Database is an extensive JAVA application with a user-friendly search interface for dangerous goods. This application is offered as a standalone application. The standalone application is self-contained software which is offered via download. It is delivered as a ZIP-File which contains the installation files and executable application for a Windows operating system. After installation you have access to the search user interface.

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Radioactive Materials Module

This free application offers a special search exclusively for radioactive materials. Radioactive materials with different levels of radioactivity can be classified using step-by-step guidance. The module is available both as an online application and as a stand-alone desktop application.

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Dangerous Goods Dataservice

You can also acquire the data without the user interface of the Dangerous Goods Database in order to integrate it into company-owned software. We also make the data available to software producers who can then integrate it into commercially available software. The Dangerous Goods data can then be compiled as desired.

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