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General information

Dangerous Goods Quickinfo is a free internet application which contains a small portion of the information available in the Dangerous Goods Database. A search template enables searches using various criteria (name, UN number, class, classification code, packing group, CAS number, EC number and the hazard identification number). Furthermore it is possible to search according to applicable regulations (ADR, RID, IMDG code, ICAO TI, ADN and UN Recommendations). Searches for names can be performed using German, English or French synonyms or name fragments.

Search results consist of the following data, based on the respective legislation:

- Designation according to legislation
- Transport status (for example "transport forbidden")
- UN number
- Hazard identification number (only ADR/RID)
- Class
- Classification code (only ADR/ADN/RID)
- Packing group
- Transport category (only ADR/RID)
- Hazard label i.e. primary and secondary hazards
- Special provisions
- Cones (only ADN)

More detailed information is available in the Non-radioactive materials research as well as the Module for radioactive materials.



Use of the Dangerous Goods Quickinfo is free of charge and requires no registration.

Technical requirements

Connectivity: Internet connection

For the full comfort of the application you should allow cookies and java-script.

Direct link from external sites via CAS No.

We encourage you to link your websites or applications to the substance list of the Dangerous Goods Quickinfo directly. You may use the link and add the CAS No. at the end, for example for the enviromentally hazardous substance Anthracene.