Version information of Dangerous Goods Database

As of 10th of December 2020, the new version 13.0 of the Dangerous Goods Database internet application is available.

More information about version 13.0

Version 13.0 contains the following new features compared to the last version:

  • Inclusion of 62 new dangerous goods, new evaluation of nine dangerous goods.
  • As part of the revision of entries for pesticides, a number of chemical formulae have been added to the Dangerous Goods Database, which are now available in the topic "Names (Namen)" in the tab "Synonyms (Synonyme)".
  • Under the new menu item "Notes on the demo application (Hinweise zur Demoanwendung)" in the "Help (Hilfe)" menu there is a list of substances included in the demo application.

Regulations status 13.0 (dgg-vorschriften.pdf, only in German)

Restriction reports

Currently, there are no reports.

Next presentations and lectures

10. May 2021

31. Münchner Gefahrgut-Tage (31st Munich Dangerous Goods Seminar)
Lecture "Die Aufgaben der BAM als zuständige Behörde im Gefahrgutbereich in Deutschland" ("The tasks of BAM as a competent authority in the field of dangerous goods in Germany")

Agenda of the event (only in German)

Digital event