The term "special regulations" is used on this page as a collective term for exceptions or additional regulations to the "normal" transport regulations.

1. Agreements and memoranda

1.1 Multilateral agreements (MoU) according to RID/ ADR

Multilateral agreements are valid for a maximum of 5 years.

UN-ECE: List of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements (ADR)

OTIF: temporary deviations (multilateral special agreements RID

1.2 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the BAM

International agreements on dangerous goods transport regulations require the manufacture of packagings and IBCs according to a quality assurance programme (QSP) recognized by the responsible authority. Furthermore, conformity of manufactured packagings and IBCs with the design type approval must be proved. The Dangerous Goods Transport Law (GGBefG), §9(3) additionally requires government monitoring of manufacture.

Foreign manufacturers that manufacture packagings and IBCs with German approvals are also subject to these regulations, whereby the BAM generally recognises the quality assurance and control systems established in these countries. In a simplified form, this occurs through so-called memoranda of understanding, which are concluded with the responsible body (foreign inspection body) of the country concerned. Therefore, the manufacturer has the choice between the German and its own national system.

List of foreign authorities with existing agreements to conduct audits and monitoring tests.