BAM competences include packagings subject to approval, such as transport containers for nuclear fuel elements of the type CASTOR V/19, packagings subject to approval for special form radioactive materials, packagings for exempted uranium hexafluoride, low-dispersible radioactive materials and special form radioactive materials.

The field of activity within the framework of dangerous goods legislation type testing is intensified through scientific safety studies of the existing problems.

A further task involves supporting the authorities of the European Commission, the Federation as well as industry and the public by providing advisory services within the framework of our core competence. The experience gained flows directly into the further development of the set of International Atomic Energy Organization Regulations (IAEO).

Within the framework of the Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is the German competent authority which, in compliance with the Gefahrgutverordnung Straße, Eisenbahn und Binnenschifffahrt (GGVSEB) §8, is responsible for:

  • Type testing packagings subject to approval for radioactive materials
  • Mentoring quality assurance measures for designing, manufacturing, testing, documenting and inspecting packagings subject to approval for radioactive materials
  • Recognition and monitoring of quality assurance programs for designing, manufacturing, testing, documenting, using, maintaining and inspecting packagings subject to approval for radioactive materials
  • Testing and approving special form radioactive materials
  • Testing and approving the design type of packagings for non-fissile and fissile exempted uranium hexafluoride
  • Testing and approving design types for low-dispersible radioactive materials in agreement with the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) on the basis of the corresponding legal traffic regulation principles.

On the basis of the type test, BAM prepares a test certificate concerning the feasibility of technical implementation; this certificate may also contain suggestions for conditions, for example with respect to quality assurance and quality monitoring for the approval.

BfS examines the proof of safety provided for packagings that are subject to approval, whereby the factor examined is the screening of the radioactive content and the critical safety of fissile materials. The packaging approval is issued by BfS when BAM has issued its test certificate, BfS has completed its examination, and the required design drawings, parts lists and material specifications as well as the instructions necessary for operation, maintenance and recurring tests have been released.

Further fields of activity are derived from the radiation protection regulations (Strahlenschutzverordnung):

  • The assessment of the enclosure of radioactive materials with respect to design, choice of materials, leak tightness as well as quality assurance during production and in operation within the framework of the type approval for devices and other equipment into which other radioactive substances are filled.
  • The assessment of test schedules for recurring leak tests for enclosed radioactive materials

BAM’s knowledge of traffic regulatory type testing for transport containers to be used for radioactive materials is available to the European Commission, the Federation and States, industry as well as the general public. It also flows directly into the further development of the set of IAEO regulations.