1. Design type test

Test specified in ADR Chapter 6.1.5 (Packagings), 6.5.6 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) or 6.6.5 Large Packagings (LP) or in the respective chapters of the sea and air legislation.

2. Design type tests for dangerous goods packagings

These charged tests can be done by the BAM or a test house recogised by the BAM:

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing
Working Group Testing and Investigation; Securing of Load
D-12200 Berlin

List of Recognised test houses

Before proceeding with the tests, the foreseen use (classification of the good) should be clear as the tests depend on the classification.

The application documents must include the data and documents required in the BAM Dangerous Goods Procedural Rule BAM-GGR 005, Chapter 2.3.1 in either German or English.

BAM.GGR 005 (PDF, in German)

The required test samples must be forwarded to the test house (Chapter 2.3.2)

Please contact the BAM before any test if it is foreseeable that you want to deviate from the normal proceedings.

After the tests are carried out, the applicant gets a test report. This test report is - like a recognised quality assurance programme (QAP) and a monitoring contract – one of the requirements for an approval.

3. Further tests

3.1 Vibration tests for IBCs

New test requirements for IBCs for liquid substances:

Validity of existing approvals (German only)

Equipment and facilities:
Vibration test for IBC up to 2.2 t (BAM)
Vibration test for IBC up to 6 t (Italy)

3.2 Chemical compatibility

All materials and closures must be compatible with and resistant to the dangerous goods to be transported in them. Learn more under "Material Compatibility".

3.3 Suitability of alternative plastics moulded materials

The design type is specified in the design type approvals of drums, jerricans, IBCs and composite packagings with inner plastics receptacles by the BAM as the competent authority in terms of the use of the plastics moulded material. A change of the producer of plastics moulded materials or of the moulded material is regarded as a new material and a new design type independent from the specific material parameters of the plastics moulded material. The testing type testing had to be repeated generally. The issue of another design type approval was necessary.

It is possible to forbear from this extensive procedure with publishing of the rules for the verification of the suitability of alternative plastics moulded materials for the manufacture of packaging and IBCs for dangerous goods (BAM-GGR 003) if the required limits of specific material parameters are kept.
Read more under "Plastics moulded materials".

3.4 Stacking test of steel drums

Regulations in Division 3.1 Dangerous Goods Packagings within the scope of approval of new and remanufactured steel drums with non-removable head (1A1), steel drums with removable head (1A2) and composite packagings with plastics receptacle with outer steel drum (6HA1) for the transport of solid and liquid dangerous goods with a cylindrical drum body according to the definition in subsection ADR/RID/IMDG-Code and Part 6, paragraph 3.1.1 ICAO-TI respectively.