The BAM List

Since 1989, the BAM List has generally been published in an updated version every two years with the entry into force of new regulations of ADR, RID and the IMDG Code. The material resistance data contained in the BAM List can be used to assess the compatibility between the filling goods and metallic materials as well as polymeric sealing, coating and lining materials of the tank and other packagings, such as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and packagings.

The BAM List contains generally dangerous goods which can potentially be transported in tanks. However there is no guarantee that all such substances are included in the BAM List. The scope of dangerous goods may vary in different versions of the BAM List. Explosives of class 1 are with a few exceptions not included due to the special requirements. Radioactive materials of class 7 have been omitted completely.

BAM List is available in two versions: as single user standalone or multi user network.



  • Substance enquiry in the dangerous good regulations ADR, RID and IMDG Code
  • More than 8,100 substance entries
  • Material resistance data of metallic materials (e. g. austenitic chromium-nickel steel (CrNi) and austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel (CrNiMo)) and polymeric materials (e. g. polyethylene (PE)
  • Comparison of land and sea transport in the detail view
  • Coloured emphasis of differences between ADR and RID in land transport
  • Sort and filter functionality in tables, e. g. by class, aggregate state, flash point
  • Create substance lists as pdf documents for:

    • Tanks
    • Bulk containers
    • Bulk
    • Material resistance
  • Creation of compatibility lists without consideration of containments (also for gases and a subset of non dangerous goods)
  • Multilingualism (change between German and English)

System requirements

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1 or 10
  • 220 MB free disk space

New in BAM List 2021

15th edition, published on 21st June 2021

  • Current regulations: ADR 2021, RID 2021, IMDG Code (Amendment 40-20)
  • 160 new substance entries
  • Updated material resistance data
  • New tank material: Titan
  • New tank material: Duplexsteel 1.4062
  • Data volume of approx. 190,000 compatibility


Download a demo version (see below under "Pulications") for free to test BAM List.
The demo versions include the functionality of the full versions but with less substances.

Orders and prices

You can order BAM List via BAM Webshop. There you find the prices and further information.
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